This topic is designed for medical professionals who may be required to attend to tracheostomy emergencies at Caulfield ABI.

    Knowledge is assessed by a 10 question MCQ test.

    All of the knowledge that is tested is derived from 3 scenarios available on the INTENSIVE website (http://intensiveblog.com). Click on the links below:

    1. Tracheostomy Emergency 001: Blocked tracheostomy tube

    2. Tracheostomy Emergency 002: Displaced tracheostomy tube

    3. Tracheostomy Emergency 003: Bleeding tracheostomy site


    Scenario 1 learning objectives

    • To describe the approach to immediate assessment of the trachestomy patient with respiratory distress

    • To recognise the importance of immediate removal of the inner cannula in a tracheostomy patient with respiratory distress

    Scenario 2 learning objectives

    • To describe a systematic approach to trouble-shooting respiratory distress in a tracheostomy patient

    • To recognise that positive pressure ventilation through a tracheostomy tube should not be performed unless the tube’s placement in the trachea has been confirmed

    • To identify the oral route as an option for oxygenation and ventilation if the tracheostomy tube fails (this may require deflation of the tracheostomy tube cuff or removal of the tracheostomy tube)

    Scenario 3 learning objectives

    • To describe the important late causes of bleeding from a tracheostomy site

    • To recognise that even small ammounts of bleeding can signal a potential life-threatening emergency (i.e. tracheo-innominate fistula) and that consultant notification is required
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